Shaun Arora

Managing Director at Make in LA

Shaun Arora is Managing Director at Southern California’s only hardware accelerator, an angel investor startups, and board member on the contracting manufacturing company he helped scale. At MiLA Capital, Shaun is backing founders who are working on hard problems. At Make in LA, Shaun is cultivating a community to support fantastic founders scale and avoid both common and uncommon pitfalls with bringing hardware to market. Prior to working with early stage companies, Shaun spent more than a decade helping larger companies with their manufacturing through NEO Tech. He also scaled NEO Tech through exponential growth into a Tier 2 electronics contract manufacturing company working across industries such as aerospace, medical device, and enterprise. And prior to that, he worked as a cultural anthropologist for alcohol brands and CPG companies.

Shaun’s modus operandi includes:
1. Devil’s advocate and frequent instigator
2. Creativity for seeing around corners and drawing unexpected connections that inspire new ideas
3. Impatience and restlessness to keep moving forward

Other Passions: Hot sauces, clouds, endurance cycling, teaching people to surf, solving tough global problems, rare music records, and guerrilla marketing.

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