Ryan Nugent

VP, Co-Head of Marketing & Insights at Gunpowder & Sky

Ryan is a leading expert in content strategy including marketing, programming, branding and analytics across digital and traditional media. With a balance of creative and data, he has adeptly used technology to tell better stories throughout his career within media start-ups and major tech companies. Ryan currently works at Gunpowder & Sky – a global content studio dedicated to creating, marketing, and distributing video content unrestricted by form, genre, or platform. In his role, he builds audiences for films, series, and new media brands by synthesizing marketing, creative content, and data.
Previously, Ryan authored and launched the first ever YouTube Creator Playbook, worked at one of the pioneer digital video studios (NextNewNetworks), and led YouTube’s Creator Trends & Research team to understand what content and strategies work on digital platforms. He has built dozens of new media brands from scratch and advised hundreds of YouTube partners on their branding and channel strategy.

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