Ravindra Kondagunta

Managing Partner, Traction Labs

Ravindra Kondagunta (Ravi) is the founder and Managing Partner of Traction Labs, an Innovation Commercialization Services Accelerator based in Southern California. Ravi is a growth catalyst. He specializes in helping technologies find and implement mass-market and product applications. Designer of the 4T Commercialization Platform, Ravi has helped companies small and large with Trends, Strategy, Insights and Market Research, Ideation and Concept Life-cycle Management, Program Management and Localization services. At Traction Labs, Ravi manages a portfolio of ~8 companies at various stages of development with a portfolio worth over $2.4M. He has an expertise-rich network and is a member of Pasadena Angels and Tech Coast Angels.

Ravi has over 25 years of experience primarily in the automotive industry. His corporate experience spans extensive engagements at Ford and Hyundai where influenced development of various vehicle lines and technologies between Pre-Concept to Product Sign-Off phases. His work at Hyundai resulted in the line-up leap-frogging competitive brands to become an industry leader within 2 life-cycles and doubling of sales over a decade and was influential in transforming Hyundai into a Tier 1 brand in the United States.

Ravi has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University, an MS in Engineering, from Purdue University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

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