Harout Nazerian

Sway Ventures | Nex Cubed | Next Etch Consulting Group | Co-Founder

After 10 years of working in startups, small businesses, government, and international corporations across eight industries, Harout found his true calling when he joined the venture capital and accelerator/incubator world. This is where he is able to pursue his passion, which is  to support businesses from the very beginning of their success stories. With both a technical and business development background, he has helped countless companies and teams set goals, identify sound strategies, and execute them flawlessly.

As Director of Operations & Investments at Nex Cubed, an incubator and accelerator for frontier technology startups, Harout works with talented and accomplished advisors, who are experts in their fields, to provide real, hands-on guidance for startups and entrepreneurs within the Nex Cubed programs. Harout is active in the local startup community and has spoken domestically and internationally in front of C-suite executives, PhD scientists, and industry professionals. As a proud lifelong learner, one of his favorite ways to learn is by talking to individuals about their new and exciting ideas

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