David Freeman

Executive Vice President at 20th Century Fox Television / Star TV

Storytelling guru and global speaker David Freeman is Executive Vice President of 20th Century Fox Television in India, where it’s called Star TV and is the largest network in the country.  There he trains writers and creative executives with tools to enhance their imaginations and success as storytellers.  
He has also done considerable work in branding, including for high-tech companies like Hyperloop Transportation Technology –– the hyperloop will move people at the speed of sound –– and Arria Natural Language Generation.  Natural Language Generation is the form of artificial intelligence that turns data into narratives that seem like they were written by humans.  He has consulted with many large videogame companies and wrote what is considered to be the definitive book about making games touch people’s hearts and minds, called “Creating Emotion in Games”.  He started his career in Hollywood where he sold scripts to numerous studios.

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