Volunteers: We are looking for 5 volunteers who can commit 3 hours per week leading up to the conference. The benefits of volunteering include free admission, access to significant TiE members, and a non-financial way to give back to our organization.
Contact Pawan Gupta ( to volunteer.

Sponsor: We created opportunities for you, your colleagues, and your clients to get exposure to the 1,200 attendees, speakers and press outlets who will be attending this mega event. This is an opportunity for lead generation, public relations, and vast exposure.
Contact Shankar Ram ( and Smita Bagla ( for the sponsorship packet.

Speakers: We are looking for introductions to high-profile speakers who have built local companies that expanded nationally, or who have innovations to unveil in 2019.
Contact Dave Naidu ( and Smita Smita Bagla ( for speaker recommendations.

For all other questions, please contact Anshuman Sinha at We look forward to seeing you at TiECON South West 2018!